The Use of Sweatshops to Manufacture Goods

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The Use of Sweatshops to Manufacture Goods

By: Leela P

Is it actually illegal?-Sweatshops are illegal in Canada-Countries like Indonesia and China have labour laws, very similar to Canada but somehow still allow sweatshops to run in some parts of the country (usually the poverty side)

The Use of Sweatshops to Manufacture Goods

What area is the issue prevlent in?-Central & South Asian countries-Top 3 Countries are Indonesia, China and Vietnam-Other Countries:*China*Malaysia*Jakarta*Indonesia

Stakeholders Involved?-Workers: They have to suffer working long hours in bad weather conditions for a small wage-Companies like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse and New balance are also involved in owning sweatshops in many countries and benefits the same from Nike

What is the real issue?-Between 20-100+ workers-Crammed in a small room-14-16 hours a day-Manually making shoes/clothes-Low wages ad poor benefits-Told lies about higher wages and having no contracts-Provided with unsanitary bedrooms/bathrooms-Daily abuse from employers

How does the company benefit from the issue?-The company Nike benefits from this issue from receiving large profits -An average pair of Nike running shoes are worth about $70-75. Nike will sell it for $170-175. -Whenever they need more products in stock they can get it right away due to working overtime and even abuse

A company that is endorsing in the issue?-The company Nike has a big role in this issue because they have set up about 700 shops to manufacture mostly shoes in countries such as Indonesia, China and Vietnam-There is a document based on this event specifically about Nike as well


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