The Urinary System

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Human Anatomy

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The Urinary System

The average bladder can hold up to 300ml to 600ml ofurine

Men need to urinate in both horizontal and vertical directions. making aiming difficult.

The first step is the kidneys filtering wastes out of the bloodstream, then the filtered blood goes to the rest of the body. the the waste travels to the uterers to the urinary bladder. The wastes are stored till it is ready to be released through the urethra

Illness and Injury

Major Parts & Organs Of the Urinary System


The Urinary System

In a lifelife, the kidneys clean more than 1 million gallons of water enough to fill a small lake.

The kidneys are located below the ribs towards the middle of the body, their job is to remove liquid wastes to form urine, and keep a balance of substances in the blood cells.The two ureters are narrow tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladderThe bladders main purpose is to hold and release urine. The urethra is a tube that allows the urine in the bladder to be released from the body.

A bladder infection is called cystitis.A kidney infection is known as pyelonephritis.An infection in the urethra is called urethritis.For each of these, it depends on the infection, can be cured/fixed, and each has at lest one short termed and one long termed effects when cured.

The basic function of the urinary system is to get rid of wastes and to balance substances that make up and are in red blood cells. There are four organs included in the system, and is made to balance the fluids in your body.




Process of the urinary system

The urinary system works the closest with the digestive system. The digestive system produces nutrients so the kidneys can clean your blood of wastes produced by all the other systems. The urinary system cleans the blood of wastes produced by the reproductive system.

Urologists, urogynecologists, and nephrologists are the doctors that specialize in the urinary system, they all work with different partes needed in caring for the urinary system.


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