[2015] Kayla Sanchez: The Urinary System

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Human Anatomy

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[2015] Kayla Sanchez: The Urinary System

Acute Glomerulonephritis: Antibioties injure the glomeruli so blood and protien filter into the urine.Polyonephritis: Inflamation of the renal pelvis and kidney tissue, caused by a urinary tract infection.Hydronephrosis: distention of the renal pelvis and calyces with accumulated fluid caused by obstruction of urine flow.Polycystic Kidney: Fluid containing sacs develop in the active tissue and destroy functioning parts, runs in the family.

Urine FormationGlomerular Filtration- Allows material to pass from the blood to the nephronTublar Reabsorption- moves useful materials back to the blood Tubular Secretion- moves additional substances from the blood to the nephronCountercurrent Mechanism- concentrates the urine and reduces the volume excreted

Kidneys-Extract waste from blood, balance body fluids from urineUrters-Transports urine from kidneys to bladderUrinary Bladder-Recives and stores urineUrethra-Urine elimination

Components-Kidneys-Ureters-Urinary bladder-Urethra

Functions - Excretion of water, salts, and waste products- Maintaain acid base balance- Secrete waste products in the form of urine- Controlling blood volume and maintaining blood pressure.

Consitiuents-Water-Salts-Waste Products

-Glomerulr Filtration-Tubular Reabsorption-Tubular Secretion-Countercurrent Mechanism

The Urinary System

Signs-Dehydration-Edema-Electrolyte imbalance-Hypertension-Anemia-Uremia

CarbohydratesProteinsketone bodiesBloodBile saltsBile pigmentsFats

The main purpose of dialysis is to help impaired renal function. When your kidneys are damaged, they are no longer able to remove wastes and excess fluid from your bloodstream efficiently.


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