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The University Of Oregon

University Of Oregon

The University Of Oregon is a great college. It is located in the western part of Eugene,Oregon. UO was founded back in 1876 by a judge from Eugene his name was Joshua Walton, he had convinved the town of Eugene that they needed a place of education and after a while they opened up his college. After many years of people going to this school they have had a great athletics system that has put the University on the map of best colleges. It's also one of the reasons that makes me want to go to University Of Oregon

1. What is the GPA requirment to get into the University Of Oregon…… The average GPA and higher are 3.25 and higher.2. What can you major in at UO?…… You can major in many things such as Theater Arts, Philosophy, Economics, Etc.3. Do you have to stay on campus your freshman year?…… No you don't have to but you have to have an apartment nearby.4. When was UO founded…… University of Oregon was founded in 1876.5.When is the best time for applying…… Your junior year or before.

6. How do i get started so i can join this college?…… By starting a financial aid and looking at your scholorship options.7. What is the best way to get into UO? Graduate high school, have a C- or better in 15 college prep classes, submit your official high school transcripts, submit your SAT scores, submit an application.8.Where is the school located?…… It’s located in western oregon in a town called Eugene. 9. What sport is the school known for?…… The football and track and field programs.10.What is the mascot’s name?…… Donald Duck.

Donald Duck or the school mascot is the only school mascot by disney.Eugene is the birth place of nike.Oregon is one of the oldest university's on the west coast.

Springfield, Oregon is the real life inspiration for the Simpson’s hometown. Oregon’s largest sports arena/stadium is the University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium.

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