The United States

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The United States

-My name is Barack Obama.-I was born the 4th august 1961 in Hawai-I live in Washington,in the White Housewith my family.

-Since how long be you president of the United States ?-Why did you chose to appear in presidential election of the United States ?

-What's your name?-When and where are you born?-Where do you live?

The United States:

The biggest city in USA:-New York:New York is the biggest city in the USA is situated in the northeast of the USA. The city is composed of 5 boroughs.New York is famous for the Statue of liberty or also for Broadway avenue.-Los angeles: Los Angeles is the second most big city in the USA after New York. Los Angeles is situated in the south of California on the Pacific Coast . The inhabitants of Los Angeles are called angelenos. Los Angeles was founded in 1781.

New york city

The Biggest city in USA-Chicago:Chicago is the third most big city in the USA , she is situated in the northeast.The Chicago and Calumet rivers cross the city. Chicago was founded in 1770. The nickname of Chicago is Windy City. In Chicago there are famous marks:Airlines ,McDonald’s -Houston: Houston is a city in the state of Texas in the southern.With a population of 2,099,457 inhabitants it is the fourth largest city in the United States after New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Los Angeles



The United States:-Capital: Washington-Nationnal language: english-President: Barack OBAMA-Curency: United state dollar-Area: 9 857,306 km2 -Population:320 206 000

-I'm president of the United States since 2008.- I wanted to be the second Afro-American president in the United States and I also wanted to see the country to develop during my mandate.


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