The United Nations

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The United Nations

World War II: ends with many countries in ruins. The world wants peace.

Charter of the United Nations: 51 countries gather in San Francisco to sign a peace agreement and set up the organization

The League of Nations is started after World War I ends. The US refuses to join. An international court is set up in The Hague, but tensions are still high around the world.

Without the support of the US, the League of Nations is too weak to have much control over international issues. World War II begins.

What is the United Nations? The United Nations is a global organization that tries to keep peace among all the countries in the world and work for the good of all people.

The United Nations now includes 193 countries and offices around the world. Ban Ki-Moon is the secretary general.


The United Nations

October 24, 1945

May 8, 1945

The Flag



Ban Ki-Moon

The United Nations deals with issues of:1. Human rights2. Giving aid to countries who need it after disaster or war3. Climate change4. World Peace5. Widespread Hunger and Poverty6. Following and Enforcing International Law

Questions? Watch this:

Vocabulary: Human Rights- equality for all peopleAid- helpCharter- a paper, usually setting up a government Secretary-General - leader of the UNPoverty- when people are poor


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