The United Kingdom

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Social Studies

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The United Kingdom

State and SocietySocial Cleavages: 93% White*most of the minorities are from former British Colonies*Divided by nationality: English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish99% literacy95% Speak English20% Welsh64.1 Million People

IRA AttacksThe IRA (Irish Republican Army), a terrist group that sought to get Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom, led a series of attacks.

The Magna Carta


There are two houses in parliment, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The House of Lords members are born into power. The House of Commons are selected from their political party. The number of selections in the political parties are proportionally given from an election of the consitutencies. For example if 40% of the constituencies vote for the Labour Party then 40% of the seats in the House of Commons are represented by the Labour Party.

The United Kingdom

Prime Minister Margaret Thrasher lead the austerity movement in England. Austerity, or the cutting down on spending, was extreme in this case. Even this traditionally conservative measure aganist the economy was doubted by her fellow conservative party members. This austerity however, deeped the racial and gender based cleavages in society.

The Austerity Movement

DevolutionDevolution is giving more power to the regions of the nation from the national government. Margaret Thatcher is famous for practicing this during her term.


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