The United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom

Fast FactsOFFICIAL NAME: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandFORM OF GOVERNMENT: Constitutional monarchy with parliamentary governmentCAPITAL: LondonPOPULATION: 63,742,977OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: EnglishMONEY: Pound sterlingAREA: 93,635 square miles (242,514 square kilometers)MAJOR RIVERS: Thames, Severn, Tyne

The United Kingdom

Do you know the difference between England, Great Britain and United Kingdom?Watch the video below.

Click on the map to get general information.

This is the Union Jack.Watch this brief video about the UK flag.

A window on Britain.This video is about some aspects of British life (food, school, sport, etc)

LONDON!Click on the image!

You will open a post from The Travelling Teachers blog about London!


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