THe United Kingdom and it's Position in EU

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THe United Kingdom and it's Position in EU

United Kindom and it's postion in the EU

UK Conseravtives want to hold an "in-out" referendum on Britain’s renegotiated EU membership by 2017They also want to protect the UK economy from further integration of the Eurozone. Additionally they want to expand the Single MarketScrap Human Rights Act and replace with a British Bill of RightsLastly they want to resist EU attempts to restrict legitimate financial services activities

Current Poilicies and Systems on The EUIn the Council of the EU, national ministers meet to adopt EU laws and coordinate policies. Council meetings are regularly attended by UK representatives, depending on the policy area they are going over..There are 73 members of the European Parliament from the UK.

The total EU spending in the UK is € 6.308 billion.The Total EU spending as % of the UK’s GNI is 0.34%.The Total of UK contribution to the EU budget is € 14.510 billion.The UK’s Contribution to the EU budget as percent of its GNI is 0.77%.

The Leading Conservative Party's Plan of Action

Video Link On the Possibility of the UK leaving the EU

Impact On the UK

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