[2015] Robert Losic: The Underdogs

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[2015] Robert Losic: The Underdogs

Will Tyler keeps looking back to the final play of last year’s championship game, when his team was so close to winning before he fumbled causing the loss to their rivals from across the river. Unfortunately, budget cuts may keep the town from fielding his team this year. Like many manufacturing towns, Forbes Pa., has lost jobs and businesses that may sponsor a sports team. Will taking a chance, writes to a national company and comes up with the funds to keep a team going. That was almost the easy part; The team no longer has a coach, former players are not interested anymore. One of the few who want to play are Hannah, a new girl in town with a great ability. Will’s dad has agreed to coach. It’s nearly a deal-breaker.

The main characters are Will Tyler, Hannah Grayson, Joe Tyler;Will’s father, Toby Keenan; Best defensive player on team, Dick Keenan; Toby's dad as well as the defensive coordinator.


Will Tyler a small but fast 12 year old boy with the biggest heart for the game from Forbes, Pennsylvania.He tries to finance the city’s football team, with no funding for the fields and uniforms. Still there isn’t enough players or money, yet he still tries while giving hope to the entire community in the process.

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“There's plenty of action for sports fans, and readers will root for Will and his teammates till the very last page.” –School Library Journal



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