The Uncovered Ancient City

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The Uncovered Ancient City

An UncoveredAchient City

There are many different things that make Çatalhöyük unique such as: Çatalhöyük was one of the largest settlements about 9,000 years ago. The city had around 10,000 people! Like, I think that is a lot of people to cram into little mud brick houses all close together. Something I thought was cool is how erosion made the city be covered up by dirt and until a while ago it looked as if it was a hill in the middle of nowhere. My guess is that people were digging there and someone said, “I found something!” Then they dug in more to find what was an above ground city, but now an underground city. Then archeologists took over the area and found all those cool artifacts in the houses.

People used a lot of tools back then, some were made out of bone, flint, or stone. Bone was a good material to use for tools. Flint was mainly used for blades of swords, and knives. Bone was used for awls and needles. It was also used for ornaments such as pendants and rings. Bone was also used for pottery some times. Stone was also used for blades and also tools like axes and pickaxes maybe. I think that these people used the best materials that were easy to find and turned them into their main tools.



Why did people in Çatalhöyük bury their dead in a pit in their houses, cover the hole with a mat and then sleep on the mat? No one knows. The people buried where found to be buried in a fetal position. It has been noticed that usually children were buried with jewels and goods. Adults were not buried with these goods, which is another mystery. I think it is because if a child dies they didn’t get to live their life to the fullest so the people bury the child with jewels. Maybe this is how they thought that the child would be remembered? I also think that the reason they slept on the mats that covered their dead, to feel close to them and to protect them.

Something that was interesting is how the people of Çatalhöyük were the first to domesticated animals. The animals they domesticated were: goats, pigs, sheep, and cattle. They hunted big powerful animals like cattle, bison, wild horses, elks, deer, birds, leopards, bulls, and stags. Some of those animals were dangerous to humans. Today, people wear clothes made out of silk, cotton, or wool. But in Çatalhöyük, people wore leopard skins as clothes. How did we domesticate animals? We honestly don’t know how people were able to domesticate goats, pigs, sheep, and cattle.

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