The Unbreakable Code by Sara Hoagland Hunter illustrated by Julia Miner version 3

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The Unbreakable Code by Sara Hoagland Hunter illustrated by Julia Miner version 3

How would you feel if you had to leave the only home you ever knew?And you find out your Grandfather had the same experience?What would you do if you learned a family secret ?What you you do if the family secret was a US Government secret?How would you feel if you found out your Grandfather was a WWII hero?You can find out the answers to these questions when you read Unbreakable Code by Sara Hoagland Hunter and Illustrated by Julia Hunter.

"It's the Navajo language"

"You don't know what it's like there!"

Author Sara Hoagland Hunter (l) Illustrator Julia Miner (r)

Go to's-book-author-shares-her-inspiration, to find out how these college friends collaborated on this historical fiction picture book.

The Navajo code talkers are responsible for the capture of Iwo Jima. The Japanese never cracked the eight hundred messages passed two days prior to the invasion.

The code talkers learned many radio operations, such as taking a radio apart and putting it together in total darkness.

The code had to be simple and fast.Two hundred military terms had to be memorized. The code could not be found in writing.

The Navajo code talkers had to be proficient in English and in good health.Over 400 Navajo's went thru basic training and served with the Marines in this top secret mission.

John is sad about leaving his grandfather and beloved reservation. Grandfather shares his experiences of leaving the reservation to attend US Government boarding school and then leaving once again to enlist with the Marines during WWII. John learns that his grandfather was a war hero. Grandfather also teaches John the value of his culture and that he will always be home.