The UK today

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Social Studies
European history

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The UK today

British Institutions

The Parliament* King John "Lackland" and the Margna Carta.* Simon De Montfort and a group of representatives. * Parliament structure.* Its work.

The Monarchy:* Queen Elizabeth as the current head of the state.* The Royal Family as support of the Queen.* Constitutional Monarchy.

I´m the Head of the Nation and the Head of the State.

The UK today

English as a global language * Imperial expantion. * A tool for control

* Independance of the colonies.* The United Nations and the call for independance.* UK Citizenship and benefits.

* The British Empire.* Intergovernmental organization.* London Declaration 1949.* The Commonwealth realm.* Diverse activities.

The Commonwealth of Nations

British Heritage

The UK and its colonies

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The Queen's aproval for royal marriage.

Imagine: Educational public service announcement.


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