The Tundra

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The Tundra

Located in Alaska, Northern Canada, edges of Greenland, Northern Scandinavia, northern Siberia, and Russia.

Welcome to The Tundra

The tundra biome's tempurature is usually around -33 to 12 degrees celcius. It's precipitation can only get as high as 45 mm per year.

Because of the low tempuratures, the soil in tundras are very poor in nuitrients. Also, they have a layer of permafrost beneath the active layer.

Plants here have adapted to the cold weather and can now grow in these harsh enviornments as long as they get sunlight and can still carry out photosynthesis. They can also grow on another plant to get more sunlight.

There are many animals that are able to live and survive in this biome. Some of them include the arctic fox, polar bears, and caribou.

Many of these animals have thick fur and a layer of fat to help them maintain homeostasis. If not, they can either hibernate or migrate south, where it is warmer.

Did you know that there are not many animals that stay year-round in this biome beacause of its severely low tempuratures?

Did you know that the summer growing season is just 50 to 60 days, when the sun shines 24 hours a day?

There are very few plants that can live in this biome because of its low tempuratures. Examples of those plants would be bearberry, arctic moss, pasque flower, etc.

Come and enjoy the freezing tempuratures and beautiful landscapes with us! There is only a high chance of getting hypothermia, nothing to worry about!

Did you know that southern animals are already moving up here? Now, the arctic fox is competing against the red fox.

A major concern about this biome is that global warming is starting to bring in Autumn later than usual.


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