[2014] oyejekweijp (Room 210): The Tundra

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[2014] oyejekweijp (Room 210): The Tundra

The climate has little rainfall,long winters and short summers,and the soil can get very soggy from melted snow and rain!

3 plants are are lichens, mosses,small shrubs.

The Tundra is a very hard place to survive, here's why!This is what it looks like!

5 animals are lemmings,caribou,arctic bears,polar bears, and seals.


The plants adapt by being short and grouped together to resist wind and be protected.

Animals adapt by raising their young in the summer time, so by winter they'll be able to witstand the cold weather. They also hibernate in the winter during which their body becomes less active.

Some decomposers are bacteria,moss,lichen,and fungi!

Human Interferance-They have been killing polar bears young and old for bear skin and fur also for their teeth as weapons. They also interfere by extracting oil and minerals from the ground.

The solution is since people who come to the arctic are not always prepared, they have limited all travel to the arctic until they get the resources they need to survive there.

The yellow is where the tundra is.

This is the food chain of the tundra.


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