[2015] Jalynn Beckett: The Tufted Deer

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[2015] Jalynn Beckett: The Tufted Deer

The Tufted Deer

ClassificationKingdom:Animalia Phylum:ChordataClass:MammaliaOrder:ArtiodactylaFamily:CervidaeSubfamily:Cervinaeo

DietAlthough this animal may look like a carnivore, the Tufted Deer's diet is completely vegetarian. It includes Bamboo, fruits, herbs, and grass. They are not scavengers. They eat off the land and are consumers.

HabitatThe Tufted Deer live in central and southern China, and northeastern Myanmar. They are found in forested and rain forest regions at high altitudes. They are always close to water.

Life CycleThe Tufted Deer is called a fawn after birth and becomes mature by 1-2 years of age. Adults mate between Fall and early Winter. The young are born in litters of 1-2 in early summer. The fawns depend on their mother until 6 months of age. They live 15 years in captivity and it is unknown how long they live wild.

ThreatsEnemies of the Tufted Deer include leopards and humans. Local people hunt them which may decrease the population of the species. Some are kept in zoos. They are considered a near threatened species.

AppearanceThis deer has gray or brown fur with a white stomach, underside of tail, and tips of ears. They have a black tuff of hair on their forehead. Males have fangs and small antlers often hidden by the tuff.Shoulder Height:1.6-2.3 ft.Weight:37-110 lbs.

Interesting Facts-They bark when alarmed and to communicate-Males have fangs to fight other males in mating season and to fend off predators-They travel alone or in pairsWe choose the Tufted Deer because its appearance is fascinating and when alarmed they escape by taking quick small hops that look as if they are taking flight.

CreditsWikipedia.orgAnimal Diversity Web.orgWildspeak.comBy:Beckett Quenzel & Jalynn Burke


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