The Tsar Tabliod

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The Tsar Tabliod

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Dear Dimitri, I just found out that the Tsar is not really my father, but that Rasputin is, and now Rasputin is out to get me! Do you think I should tell the Tsar and risk Rasputin's punishment, or should I escape to save myself?

Dear Dimitri

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I think that you should find a safe place for now, maybe with your cousin at his manor, and try to talk to someone about it rather than somebody who is near to Rasputin.

The book The Curse of the Romanovs by Staton Rabin is the story of twelve-year-old tsarevich Alexei Romanov and his journey to get away from Rasputin and to save his family who have been captured by the Bolsheviks in a plan to assassinate them and take over Russia. Will Alexei escape from Raputin in time? And will he be able to rescue his family?

This is a great read, especially for those interested in Russia. It includes a good amount of fact, but also has science fiction elements to it, such as reincarnation and time travel, which help to draw the reader in. The suspense and character development are impeccable. This book proves to be entertaining despite any predisposition toward the multiple genres it includes.

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Meet the Tsarevich

Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov is the heir to the Russian throne. He is a twelve-year-old boy with hemophelia, a bleeding disease, and is slightly spoiled because of it. The problem with hemophilia is that even a nosebleed can be so severe as to cause death, so Alexei has to be handled very carefully. This spoiled upbringing might be the cause of Alexei's insistance on being in charge. Despite that, he is still very caring, especially for his mother. His mother's influence makes Alexei very family-centered. He has four older sisters, Olga, Tatiana, Mashka, and Anastasia, as pictured in the item below. As the youngest and only boy, he is the pride of the family, is described as their precious jewel, and is destined to be the tsar.

An Overview

To Sum it Up

The Tsar Tabloid

July 13, 1918

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