The Truth Be Told

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The Truth Be Told

The Truth Be Told

A picture of the flyer of Jim-- where it says all of his information.

A picture of The Duke and The Dauphin running towards safety--a.k.a. Huck and Jim.

The two con men lie about their true identities. The thirty year old being a Duke, and the seventy year old being a Dauphin.

Huck, Jim, The Duke and The Dauphin travel down the river and go to town, the state they are in is Arkansas. Arkansas is a slave state in which colored people are not allowed to be considered as free men. Being in a Southern state, it doesn't give Jim much opportunities to escape, but traps him in as a prisoner. The flyer that the Duke made puts Jim's life in danger even more so being in a slave state.


New Characters:The Duke- A thirty year old con man who lies about his identity to Huck and Jim and says that he is a Duke. "The other fellow was about thirty and dressed about as ornery."The Dauphin- Another con man, who is about seventy years old and tricks Huck and Jim into thinking he is someones he's not, luckly Huck realizes that The Duke and The Dauphin are "just low-down humbugs and frauds" "...had a bald head and very gray whiskers. He had an old battered-up slouch hat on, and greasy blue woolen shirt, and ragged old blue jeans britches stuffed into his boot tops, and home-knit galluses--no, he only had one. He had an old long-tailed blue jeans coat with slick brass buttons, flung over his arm, and both of them had big ratty-looking carpet-bags" (132).

Changes in Huck:In this Episode, Huck shows a lack of loyalty towards Jim when there is a flyer that contains all of his information and Huck doesn't defend him. There is a postivie side in having the flyer made, which is being able to go out in daylight, and then the negative side which is for Jim because he would have to act like a runaway slave being captured and tied up for 10 hours. Ultimately the descision that has been made is not a good one, and puts Jim's life on the line because he could potentially get caught. As a child, Huck does not realize what he is doing and remains naive in this entire episode, Huck shows a loss of humanity when he agrees to tie up Jim. Jim is also naive in this episode, because he does not realize that the two men are cons and this is a reflection of slavery because of the ignorance and lack of knowledge due to no education experience.

Did slavery really limit the amount of knowledge a colored person could receive? Or did the banning of receiving an education just protect them of the actual truth?

Does age show how much knowledge a person can comprehend? Or is age just a number and knowledge can go beyond experience?

Does lying justify the truth? Or is the truth better than a lie? Do people really want to know the truth compared to a lie? Or do people realize that the reason for lies is so the person can be protected from the truth?

Author's Purpose:The author's purpose in this episode is to show the lack of maturity as well as ignorance as a reflection of slavery. Slaves do not receive any form of education and it is prohibited to learn, as a result slaves lack a sense of education and knowledge. The sense of morals and religious beliefs are also shown and mostly it is a good thing, Jim believes in something, and he is one of the few people in the book who actually have morals. Being born into something does not make a good person, a good person is made when there is a sense of morality. For instance being born as a King does not necessarily mean the King is a fair leader, in order to be looked at as good the person must earn it by doing the right thing along the way.

Accidental Racist- Brad Paisley & LL Cool J

Sothern man-Neil Young


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