The Trunkster

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The Trunkster

The trunkster has a rolltop door so you can easily open your suitcase WITHOUT having trouble with a zipper that is stuck. Not only that, it also has a built in scale to tell you the weight of your suitcase. So in case you are travelling, and the place you are at has a weight limit, that scale will you know whether it reaches the weight limit or not.

The tunkster is a suitcase that helps solves all of our problems when we travel. Like zippers getting stuck or having our cell phones running low on batteries. With Trunkster, you won't be having any problems with it.

The invention

The trunkster

Slide in rooftop

Has your phone ever ran out of batteries and you are in some place where there is no plug? The trunkster has a USB port built in so you will be able to charge your phone or tablet.

Built in USB

If you ever have trouble dragging your suitcase, Trunkster has wheels that is easy for you to push around so you won't have trouble dragging it everywhere.

Not that it has a USB port included or a weight scale too. The Trunkster also has a GPS inside so there's no way you'll be lost now.

GPS included?


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