The True Story of Pocahontas

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The True Story of Pocahontas

She was treated very well and after many years, she met her husband, an Englishman named John Rolfe. After the birth of their child, they moved to England where they lived as royalty and Pocahontas was referred to as the Indian Princess.

Contrary to what many believe, Pocahontas did not marry the Englishman John Smith. He was much older than her but they were good friends. However, Pocahontas did marry an Englishman named John Rolfe. They had a child and moved to England where they lived the rest of their days together.

The True Story of PocahontasBy: Lucille Recht Penner

This story is based on the historical story of Pocahantas, the Powhatan Indian. After Englishmen arrived at what is now Jamestown, there was much controversy and fighting among the indians and the settlers.But because of the young indian Pocahontas

Just like in the movie Pocahontas 2, in the book Pocahantas travels to England with her husband John, to attend many balls and even meet the Queen.

Above is a picture from history of Pocahontas and her husband John Rolfe from the book.

When the Powhatan Indians saw the English ships for the first time, they called them "floating islands".

Chief Powhatan

and her friendship with an Englishman named John Smith, some peace was achieved.However, during a battle between the Indians and settlers, Pocahontas was captured.

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