The True Story of Charles Lindbergh

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The True Story of Charles Lindbergh

The True Story of Charles A. LindberghAn American Hero

By Barry Denenberg

.Barry Denenberg is the author of many nonfiction books. .He lives in Bedford, New York with his wife and daughter .Denenberg published The True Story of Charles A. Lindbergh in 1996

The Lindbergh Baby Investigation

-The baby was found about four miles away from the Lindbergh residence and was dead–The skull was crushed and had a hole in it–There were many limbs missing from the body –The body was decomposed, meaning it had been there for a long time– Believed that the kidnappers dropped the baby do to the rickety ladder, which explains the broken step.

–Baby was kidnapped on March 1, 1932 –Kidnappers used a rickety ladder to steal the baby out of the second floor window. –The kidnapping became a public tragedy –The kidnappers were given $70,000 and in return the Lindbergh baby (alive). –the kidnapper was Bruno Richard Hauptmann.

About the Author

–He was the first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris–As a teenager Lindbergh was not interested in school and often did very poorly. –Charles was only interested in airplanes and being outside. –He was offered a job as a dare devil, but all he wanted to do was fly.

–The journey from New York to Paris took Lindbergh three days–He never slept once during the travel –Charles was on a solo flight –Thousands of people waited in Paris to welcome Charles–After returning home Charles flew to all 48 states –After returning he married Anne Marrow

The Lindbergh Baby

The Expedition

About Charles Lindbergh

This book was a thrill to read and always left me wanting to read more.


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