[2015] Chloe Erkenswick (Prior Block 1/2 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): The True Confessions of Charlotte

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[2015] Chloe Erkenswick (Prior Block 1/2 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): The True Confessions of Charlotte

”Hold out your hands,’ he demanded.Fisk nudged me. I held them out, palms up.Foley peered over them. ‘Like bloody cream,’ he said with disgust. ‘Touch mine!’ he insisted and extended his. Gingerly, I touched one of them. His skin was like rough leather.‘That's the hands you'd get, miss. Like an animal. Is that what you want?’‘I don't care,’ I said stoutly.” (13.19-13.23)

”The man before me was not the same Captain Andrew Jaggery I'd seen on the quarterdeck the first day we sailed. True, he still wore his fine clothes, but the jacket was soiled and showed any number of rips. A cuff was frayed, a button gone. Small points perhaps, but not for a man of his fastidiousness. And the whip mark, though no longer so pronounced, had become a thin white line – like a persistent, painful memory.” (16.47)

”From his fine coat, from his tall beaver hat, from his glossy black boots, from his clean, chiseled countenance, from the dignified way he carried himself, I knew at once – without having to be told – that this must be Captain Jaggery. And he – I saw it in a glance – was a gentleman, the kind of man I was used to. A man to be trusted. In short, a man to whom I could talk and upon whom I could rely.” (3.13)

By Avi


Chloe Erkenswick

Clothing is a language of its own.

This quote supports my claim because, Charlotte is thinking that since his clothes are all worn out that he is a different man, with a lower class than before. Less of a gentlemen. Captain Jaggery looked very different compared to what he looked like when Charlotte first met him. Captain Jaggery’s clothes were all messed up and different, and so was everything he did after the hurricane, he even killed a person. Captain Jaggery still had his same clothes but they were ruined just like he kind of was. His fancy clothes were better than everybody else’s and he thought he was better than everybody else. Now his clothes are just as good maybe even worse than everybody else’s and now he is acting worse than everyone. He was worn out and not as well mannered as before and he dressed that way too, you could see his clothes were old, worn out and tired. Just like he had become.

This quote supports my my claim because, the crew thought that Charlotte didn’t have what it took to be a member of the crew because her hands were soft not rough. Which they thought showed which class she was in. The crew was judging her because of her appearance. Charlotte was a lady with fair skin and fancy clothes. The crew had dark skin from being in the sun (which showed low class) and dirty clothes that only ship members wear. So the crew was right to judge her on what she was wearing because that would change if she became a member of the crew, and so would she. The crew had judged her the way she had judged them and Captain Jaggery. The crews’ clothes were dirty just like them and the jobs they had to do made them dirty. So when their hands were tough that meant that they were tough too. Charlotte’s hands were soft and ladylike just like she was.

This quote supports my claim because, Captain Jaggery was a gentlemen,wearing fancy clothes just like Charlotte. She thought he could be trusted and would act like an actual gentlemen. Since she instantly thought that Captain Jaggery could be trusted because of what he was wearing, she probably wouldn’t trust anyone in the crew since the crew was wearing dirty clothes and had dark skin which meant they were low class. Charlotte thought the captain could be trusted because he dressed and acted like her father. Charlotte’s family was very high class so she thought that the person to talk to would be the one with the highest class and the finest clothes. Captain Jaggery dressed like what he wanted people to see, a high class, well mannered gentlemen. Although his clothes were saying gentlemen, he wasn’t a gentlemen at all. He just thought of himself as a high class gentlemen.

True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle


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