[2014] Caroline Gillis (1/2 Block '13-'14): The True Confession of Charlotte Doyle

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[2014] Caroline Gillis (1/2 Block '13-'14): The True Confession of Charlotte Doyle

The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle

Caroline Gillis

"’Do you remember, Charlotte, what I first told you when you came aboard? That you, a girl, and I, an old black man, were unique to the sea?’’Yes.’’The greater fact is,’ he said, ‘I am unique everywhere.’" (22.22-22.24)

By: Avi

Theme: RaceClaim: ”The alliance between Charlotte and Zachariah suggests that sexism and racism are more similar than dissimilar.”

Charlotte and Zachariah are both very different. As Charlotte is a high class white girl sailor and Zachariah and old black man that isn’t a slave . Therefore, Charlotte isn’t different or unique everywhere, but Zachariah who cannot change the color of his skin is unique everywhere. For Charlotte is a very formal girl on land and she fits in with everyone else, but on the sea she is judged as “unnatural”. Zachariah, a black man is judged on the Sea for having black skin, the truth is that there is no difference when Zachariah is on land.As a result, Charlotte and Zachairah are both judged and this makes them more similar than dissimilar.

"’Ah, but you and I have much in common’.""’I don't think so’.""’But we do. Miss Doyle is so young! I am so old! Surely there is something similar in that. And you, the sole girl, and I, the one black, are special on this ship. In short we begin with two things in common, enough to begin a friendship’." (2.78-2.80)

From the start Charlotte didn’t think Zachariah was as good as her . Charlotte thought Zachariah and her were different because he was black and low class ragedy sailor, and her a high class young girl.Therefore, it was not until later on did Charlotte notice that she did not fit in being the only girl sailor on a ship and Zachariah being the only black sailor on the ship, This made Charlotte and Zachariah later worked together to get the treatment and judgement they deserved. As Charlotte was only thirteen the youngest person on the ship and Zachariah the oldest person on the ship they were both treated differently than the rest, and this was not right.

”’Mr. Hollybrass turned Zachariah so that he faced into the shrouds, then climbed up into these shrouds and with a piece of rope bound his hands, pulling him so that the old man was all but hanging from his wrists, just supporting himself on the tips of his bare toes.’‘Zachariah uttered no sound’.‘I turned to look at Captain Jaggery. Only then did I see that he had a whip in his hands, its four strands twitching like the tail of an angry cat. Where he got it I don't know.’” (11.27-11.29)

Charlotte was disgusted when she saw Zachariah being whipped even though he did nothing wrong. As he did just as much harm as any other crew members on the ship that signed the round robin. For he was a free black man being treated like a slave. Because Zachariah was black he was the one that was chosen to take the punishment. Charlotte realized how wrong this was because she knew what it was like to be treated differently, for she was the only girl on this ship and was thought to have to be formal and fancy all the time, but Charlotte did what a high class young girl was never thought to do, she became part of the crew in which made her stand out even more.




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