The Troubling Frauds - Episode 8

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The Troubling Frauds - Episode 8

The Troubling Frauds

Huckleberry Finn's Evolution

New Characters:•Peter Wilks- A dead man who has three brothers, Harvey, William, and George, he wanted to see them before he died. He also has three daughters: Mary Jane, Susan, and Joanna. His business was a tanner.•Harvey Wilks- He is the brother of William, George, and Peter, and is a dissentering minister from Sheffield England.•William Wilks- Deaf and unable to speak, brother of Harvey, William, George, and Peter, about 30 or 35 years old, he is from Sheffield England and his business is a Carpenter.•George Wilks- Another brother of Harvey, William, and Peter. He and his wife died.•Mary Jane Wilks- The red-headed, beautiful, 19 year old daughter of Peter Wilks. She is a good girl and the oldest out of her two other siblings, Susan and Joanna. Huck seems to have a small crush on her.•Susan Wilks- 15 year old daughter of Peter Wilks, and sister of Mary Jane, and Joanna.•Joanna Wilks- Also known as the hare-lip, she is the sister of Mary Jane and Susan, and the youngest out of all her siblings—14. •Doctor Robinson- Friend of Peter Wilks who says that “Harvey and William” are frauds because of their worst imitation of an Englishman. No one seems to believe him when he says the brothers are fakes, but then goes on to warn the girls as a friend, they should not trust them because he wants to protect them and keep them out of harm and trouble. •The undertaker- The person in charge for Peter Wilks’ dead body. Little is said about him but Huck said “he was the softest, glidingest, stealthiest man I ever see; and there warn’t no more smile to him than there is to ham” (194).•Reverend Elexander Blodgett- One of the Lord’s poor servants.


The setting is taking place in the Arkansas village, which still remains a slave state. Jim must act as a “runaway slave” that has been captured in order to proceed on escaping as a real runaway. Unaware that Jim is a slave, the duke and the dauphin tie him up and disguise him as a sick Arab. The setting then goes to the Wilks’ family home where the king, duke, and Huck stay for a day; in their home, the slaves remind Huck of his old life where he lived in a racists society.

In this episode, Huck evolves a lot from the previous episodes, he shows his maturity and how he is coming of age and becoming more responsible. Huck Finn learns the value of the truth; the truth is more valuable than a lie, even though the lie may be to protect a loved one [or anyone for that matter]. Instead of lying to Mary Jane, Huck tells her the truth, at first he is hesitant because he is scared and never really had any experience, but afterwards he learns that lying doesn’t solve any problem or make the situation any better.



How can death affect a loved one? In what lengths would you go for to save someone's life?

How can you determine what's right and what's wrong? How do you know when you're doing the right thing? How can following your instincts make you chose the right decision? And how do you know when you can trust your instincts?

The Author’s Purpose:The author’s purpose is to show the readers the value of honesty compared to a lie. Lying is not always the best thing to do because it can hurt more than the truth. When someone puts trust in you they expect for you to respect that trust, and once lied to they can potentially lose all their trust for you. Sometimes when a person lies it's because they want to protect that person, but actually the situation is worsened when lied to. In this episode Huck learns that honesty is valuable to a person's trust.

Truth Song Honesty Song by Have Fun Teaching


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