The Trouble Begins at 8

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The Trouble Begins at 8

Sid Fleishman was born on March 16, 1920 in Brooklyn New York. When Sid Fleishman was 2 years old he moved to San Diego. When he was young he learned magic and performed on stage. When he was in highschool he settled his home in Santa Monica. As he grew older he started writing books and at the age of 19 he sold his very first book. Sid Fleischman went to San Diego State College, but during his learning it was interrupted by WWII. After the war he started writing books again and created a whole series of books and became who he is today.

The Trouble Begins at 8


Sam Clemins was born on November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri. When Sam was eight years old him and his family moved to Hannibal. As Sam was going through high school he decided to get a job as a printer to earn money and to become the magnificant Mark Twain. When Sam left his job as a printer he decided to become a steam boat captain and trained with his brother in law. For Sam he later found out how dangerous it was to sail a steam boat so he stopped. As Sam grew older he served the Confederacy with his cousin Orion. When Sam finished fighting he changed his name to Mark Twain and started writing stories that resemble his life.


My thoughts about this book were very fascinating to know how one man was able to still work after having failed many jobs. And how he was able to come back to a job that he did in high school and sart writing and publishing books and stories that resemble his life. I thought that the book was very historical and full of facts but I di not like how the writing was very bold in my perspective. I also thought that the pictures helped me understand even more from what the chapter was about and how some of the photos were actually him in them.

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