The Tropical Rainforests

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The Tropical Rainforests

It has been estimated that there are still many millions of species of microorganisms and insects that have still not been discovered in the rainforests.

Around 40-70% of all earths biotic species are in the rainforests

The tropical rain forest is the most diverse ecosystem and biome in the entire world. Its tropical climate and rain almost year round complement many species of plants, along with insects, and reptiles. Its various fruit supply and giant canopy provide the ideal habitat for monkeys, apes, gorillas and many other animals. As you can see the list is endless as to what thrives in the rainforest biome, and make it the most diverse ecosystem in the world.

The Tropical Rainforest

the rainforests are also responsible for 28% of the worlds oxygen turnover

The Rainforests biodiversity

but as you see here on this chart at the rate we're at the rainforest will be gone soon


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