[2015] Chris Casias: The Trip to America

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[2015] Chris Casias: The Trip to America

June 20, 1920Dear Journal,I feel bad for some of the other immigrants that don't speak any english. I had a pretty easy time in America since I can communicate with everyone fast and easy.

June 22, 1920Dear Journal,On the note I had the other day, everyone here has been treating me well since I immagrated here. Besides they "old" immigrants that don't like us for some reason. And others hated me for how I looked or talked. Which is weird because I thought they talked wierd too.

July 30, 1919Dear Journal,I hate how I am put in this group of new immigrants by the immigrants that came here before me. We went through the same thing, but I had to go through Ellis Island which was a horrible experience. But I can't worry about that too much, I have to work and hope the tunnels don't cave in on me.

May 13, 1919Dear Journal,My job is ok. Like most immigrants we don't get paid that much. we generally get paid less thn what a woman gets paiad a normal job.

April 27, 1919Dear Journal,I finally got a stable job of digging out tunnels for these things called subways. It sounds like a train but going underground.

August 2, 1920Dear Journal,To sum up my American experience, it was hard, but ok. I had to find were my uncle lived so my family can stay there for awhile and it took me a year to get a good job that pays ore than the others. Even though it's dangerous, hard, and still pays not that much.. The only one that weren't that friendly was the "old" immigrants and the judgmental people.

Dear Mom,We all amde it America safely. You've should've seen what the Statue of LIberty looked like! The immigartion process in Ellis Island was an absolute nightmare. First they checked us for any diseases, but thankfully we were in the second class area and we got out of there pretty fast. Then, we had to put our luggage in this really crowed room were we would come bck for it. Then we had to wait in a huge line to get our papers checked to be an actual citizen. we got separated during this process. But once we saw each other in the next room we burst into tears because we were happy we found each other and that we are finally free Americans.Sincerely,George Cane

Dear Uncle Dobly,I wish you have the time and room for us in your home in New York for us. We just need somewhere to go while we get on our feet again and I'll return the favor later. I'm sorry for this inconvenience. Sincerely,George Cane

The Trip to America

My name is George Can. I was born on September 7, 1888 and I am from London. I have a wife (right), son (middle) and a daughter (left). My children are of young age so I hope the ride wasn't too rough. I come to America because in Europe they have too many restrictions on religion to meet my standards. I come here in hope that my family can have a happier life.

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How do people respond to changing environment?People respond to changing environment by having to do anything to survive. An example would be how the immigrants that went through Ellis Island would take any job even though it didn't pay them that much or it was really hard to do.

My passport for Ellis Island

Me and my British family

My Suitcase that I brought with me

I only had a dozen of these coins for food.

This pocketwatch reminds me of home because my dad gave it to me

This was my inspection card when we arrived in America.

I'm going to miss this home in Britain.

Ellis Island video

I used this map a lot while in America.

We bought a lot of our clothes at this Macy's.

We used this trolley a lot while in America.

Uncle Dobly gave us a 10 dollar bill to getus started with food.

Me and my family in front of the post office to get ou mail.

My family and I in are brand new horse carriage.


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