[2015] Emma Iukovici: The Tribes of Bella Bella

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[2015] Emma Iukovici: The Tribes of Bella Bella

Interesting Facts1.The Bella Bella fought regularly, mainly against the Bella Coola, Haida, Tsimshian, and Kwakiutl. Revenge, trespass, violation of custom, and seasonal shortages of food were common causes of war.2.Distinctive crests and ranked titles identified each of the four crest groups, or clans— Raven, Eagle, Orca, and Wolf. These groups also had heads, or chiefs. Resource sites could be owned by families, local groups, or crest groups and could be rented out for some form of compensation.3.Roughly 1,700 Bella Bellas lived in their territory in 1835. In 1901 the figure had shrunk to 330, but it climbed to 1,874 in 1995.

FoodThe Bella Bella tribes ate fish but mostly salmon, berries, deer, wolf, bear, mountain goat, small mammals, and most birds and there eggs.


The Tribes of Bella Bella

LocationThe Bella Bella tribes lived in Queen Charlotte Sound, north of Vancouver Island

ShelterWinter villages consisted of large cedar plank houses with gabled rooves, double ridgepoles and carved interior posts. Bark houses were sometimes situated at camping sites.

ClothingBlankets of woven cedar bark, mountain goat wool or dog hair, or tanned, sewn skins kept people warm in cold weather. Those who could afford it wore abalone nose and ear pendants.Both men and women wore moccasins.

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