The Trials of Kate Hope

by 19vaughne
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The Trials of Kate Hope

Character descriptionKate Hope is the main cahracter and she is a 13 year old lawyer. She has been the youngest lawyer and she has been put up against some tuff trials. Kate is very determined to win the trials for her clients and she won't give up no matter what. kate is always there to help and wants the best for everyone.

The Trials of Kate Hope

Dear Zozo,It's been a while since you have been gone and i have so much to tell you. I'm the youngest lawyer there has ever been and grandpa isn't doing too well these past few weeks and i'm worried about him and i'm not ready to lose him like I lost you.I have a big case coming up and i'm really worried that i won't get mrs. willow her dog back then nobody will want me to be their lawyer. Mom and I are doing well and we wish you and Law didn't get in that accident we miss you everyday and after grandpa goes we won't have anyone but each other. Grandpa has been teaching me everything I know about the law to make me a better lawyer and I have really been enjoying it. I can't wait to write another letter to you even though you want get them but I enjoy it. That's all for now, bye Zozo. love your daughter, Kate Hope

Book ReviewThis book was really good and I would give it 5/5 stars. This book I would say is for readers who enjoy kind of like a mysterious book. I really enjoyed reading this book and I hope that others will enjoy like I did.



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