The Trial of Cardigan Jones

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The Trial of Cardigan Jones

Are You A Witness?1.Watch this video on what you can expect to see and do as a witness in a courtroom trial.2.Then using this information as a reference, write a paragraph in your Thoughtsicle Keeper describing your day in court!

Click me for text read

This is a typical courtroom floorplan. 1. Study it and think about where each of the characters in "The Trial of Cardigan Jones" would be sitting.2. Then using this one as a model, draw and label your own courtroom for Cardigan Jones's trial. (use white drawing paper, pencil...THEN crayons from our design center if in class).3. Drop off in Today's Production Bin

Fairytales on Trial?Listen in to the order of court as students do a "mock" trial accusing Goldie Locks of having bad manners to Babe E. Bear. What do you think the verdict (final decision by jury after all evidence given) will be? Innocent? Guilty?Afterward, decide what fairytale character you'd like to bring to court and for what accusation. Write down your thoughts in your Thoughtsicle Keeper and even try to write a script using this one as an example!

Click to take a look inside the US Supreme Court and why it's so important!

Use this organizer to set up a case! The questions you ask and the answer the plantiff or defendents give will help the jury decide on a verdict!

YOU BE THE JUDGE!!Learn the vocabulary, actions and everything else about a judge's daily responsibilities in court !



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