The Tree Kangaroo

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by NicoleDesrosiers
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The Tree Kangaroo

What can you do to Help?You can help by raising awarness, sponsoring the tree kangaroo or another animal and learn more about them ant Also even though it doesnt really effect this species directly lets try recycling and using less, and put an end to polution and global warming!

The Tree KangarooBY Nicole Desrosiers

Status:Critically Endangered

Scientific Name:Dendrolagus

Whats Being DoneLogging laaws are preventing mass logging as a result less habitat is being lost. People are raising awarness, about .their situation and the damage that hunting does. Working towards renewing the habitat.

Common Name:Tree Kangaroo

Tree kangaroos are unique macropods who have adapted to a life in trees. But their in Trouble!

Thanks to loss of habitat and being over hunted we are at the brink of extinction!

Warning Endangered

Appearence: Tree Kangaroos are like small kangaroos that live in trees they have orange brown fur long tails and pouches to carry their young they are usually about 41-77 cm long and and can weigh up to 31 lbs

DietTree Kangaroos eat mostly things that are in teh trees like leaves, fruit, sap, bark and eggs. Though they also eat eggs and small birds. They are omnivores and eat things around them when they can find that is but with the loss of habitat there is less and less food.

Main Threats~tree kangaroos are being hunted as food which decreases their population largley~their habitat is being lost due to loggingand wanting of land

The Tree Kangaroo lives in the Montane Tropical Forrest.Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia are the places they can be found. More specifically though they live in trees and spend most of their time in them

Baby Tree Kangaroos are called Joeys

Tree Kangaroos can jump 30 ft!


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