The Treblinka Uprising

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The Treblinka Uprising

The Treblinka Uprising

On August 2, 1943, hundreds of camp inmates stormed the armory to seize weapons. Unfortunately, they were stoppped before they could gain control of the camp. Making a mad run for the main gate of the camp, many of the prisoners were shot down by the SS gaurds' machine guns. Although more than 300 men had eascaped, two-thirds were later hunted down and killed. The surviving prisoners were under the supervision of the SS gaurds that remained at the camp, who were ordered to dismantle the camp and shoot the surviving prisoners.

In 1943, the Treblinka Concentration Camp was under the impression that they were to be killed and the camp liquidated. Together, the camp's inmates and resistance leaders decided to revolt.

From July 1942 to November 1943, the Germans killed between 870,000 and 925,000 Jews, Russians, and other "unwanted" people at the killing center. Inspired by the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the revolt's Committee members fought bravely to free the other members of the camp; almost all of them were the first to die.

In the late spring and summer of 1943, the rebellion took flight.

With the knowlede that they were going to be killed in the next few weeks, the Jews decided to risk their own lives in the hope that a few others would escape.


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