The Treatment

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The Treatment

Sloane and James are on the run from The PRogram, a treatment in which depression victims and suicide survivors are taken to undergo an intense memory erasing and re-evaluation before going back into the real world. Both teens have both finished treatments, and have run away, in hopes of recovering their memories. Sloane has been given one orange pill that will give someone back their memories, but she saves it, in hopes of finding another for James. She and James have teamed up with The Rebels, in order to get away from The Program, and live a life wihtout being chased. When James ends up running away, Sloan and her friends find a safe house, and eventually James comes back. However, their location is discovered when one of the rebels leaks where they are. This rebel was put with the group, unknowingly, by The Program, and Sloane is put back into treatment. Her caregiver/"handler" is trying to help her, and tells her that if she doesnt work with her, she will be lobotomized. In other words, her memory wiped clean and Sloan would be given a dfiferent identity. at the end of the book, many questions are left unanswered, and it leaves a huge cliffhanger to be handled in part 2 of The Treatment.


In my opinion, this book was fantastic. It was suspensful, very dramatic, and if you hadn't read the first book, it would have made a huge difference on how you percieved this book.


Sloane; one of the main charactersJames; Sloane's boyfriend and brother's best friendLacey; Miller's girlfriend, and Sloane's bestfriendMiller; killed himself, Lacey's boyfriendRealm; loves Sloane, close friend from The ProgramPritchard; developing a treatment to recall all of the lsot memories from the Program



The setting of this book is placed in America. Mostly in Utah, the group traveled there. The characters don't go anywhere outside of the country, but do move around quite a bit, to get away from the Handlers. The other part of the book is when the characters are meeting in The Program.


My Book Report

AUTHORSuzanne Young

RECOMMENDATIONI do reccommend this book to anyone who wants to see a different outlook on mental illness in this country.


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