The Transportation Revolution

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The Transportation Revolution

The TransportationRevolution

Trains aren’t exactly used as much as they were in the late 19th and 20th centuries today in Texas. This was because trains changed American life by letting many people and goods inexpensively, quickly, and easily back then. The development of railroads came into maturity in the early 1900s but they were made in the early 1800s. Other facts include: •Was efficient and reliable •Made canals short-lived after people realized how good it was at its job •It had freight and passenger cars and could carry many people, goods, and other items. •Could be powered by steam, electricity, or diesel engines.



Cars are something we use everyday, but it wasn’t like that back then. Cars were very expensive and only wealthy people were able to buy them. But, a man named Henry Ford came up with a great idea and invented the conveyer belt. This wasn’t just an ordinary belt; it was a belt that changed lives. The Ford company released a car after that (the Model T), and it was a ridiculously huge success. It costed $850, which was nearly ⅓ the price of other vehicles in the market. The price was brought down to $368 later, but I think it had already sparked a new era for the car. Another car-related object that changed life in the late 1800s to the early 1900s was the internal combustion engine. This machine was powered by heat from the burning of fuel. It was very useful and it replaced coal as a common fuel. Other facts are: •It was invented in 1876 by Carl Benz • It replaced the steam engine as the most power-generating device by the early 1900s


In 1807, Robert Fulton had changed a steam engine so that it could be used in a boat called the Clermont. The power of the engine enabled the boat be able to travel very smoothiy and effortlessiy, but people suspected it wouldn`t become prosperous. They were proved inaccurate becuse passengers and goods would travel by steamboat all the time very soon. The time of the travel and shipping costs dropped seriously compared to ground transport. By 1830, more than 200 steamboats dashed up and down lots of rivers, putting cities on the map. The only limit now was the location of the waterways. But next, even that conflict was beat.

Transportation and Its Relevance (Real World Connection)All types of transportation had influenced people greatly by letting them do things that they’ve never done before and by bringing them to a higher level of knowledge and technology. Transportation had let the U.S. economy surge and accelerate, and it made westward expansion and a whole revolution begin. That is how it affects us today!

Boats were much more powerful and useful after the invention of the steam engine. They went from boats to steamboats.

This is an assembly line for the Ford model T.It was able to be mass-produced because of the low price it had.

This photo here proves the popularity of the railroad. So many people used it, as you can see.

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Planes are not only cool and awesome, they were also one of the greatest inventions in the transportation revolution time period. Invented by WIlbur and Orville Wright, the first successful man-powered flight happened on December 17th, 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The engine of the plane had 12 horsepower and was gasoline-powered. But, the stats aren’t what changed the world, it was the impact of it. It amazed people all around the globe, and sparked a new era of creativity.


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This is the Wright brothers in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.They are flying the first ever man-powered plane.

Thomas BinoyPeriod 7Mrs. Rizvi

Transportation Connection (Ending)The transportation revolution allowed the U.S. to grow and expand and is the reason for some of the most important machines we use today. It brought technology and knowledge to everyone everywhere. Airplanes, cars, trains, and steamboats were made during this time. Transportation from back then is responsible for many things we have today because it has evolved. This is why it has affected the world we know today.


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