The Trail of Tears

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The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears was an important event in American history. While, for the Native Americans, it was a "walk of shame" and an event of defeat, for the white settlers and the American economy, it was a great thing. Americans gained all the resources, including newly discovered gold, that were on the Native American land. We also used the land itself to expand the nation and spread out the dense populations in the current states.

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What was it?The Trail of Tears was the Cheorke Native Americans' harsh journey to Indian Territory from their homelands. When did it happen?1838 and 1839Why did it happen?President Andrew Jackson issued the Indian Removal Act which called for all Native Americans to move out of their homelands.

This painting was made by Robert Lindneux in 1942, a little over 100 years after the actual event. It commemorates the suffering of the Cheorke during this time.

This map shows the relocation of the Native Americans. The reddish colored areas of the map show where the Native American tribes lived before 1838. The purple area on the map is Indian Territory, where all the Native Americans were forced to move to.

The video above is a trailer for the movie, Trail of Tears. This is Disney's tribute to the important historical event.

This map shows the different routes that white soldiers utalized in order to relocate many Native Americans.


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