The trail of tears

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The trail of tears

The JourneyThe journey across the trail of tears was never ending and relentless.I watched so many people die and struggle through this path.Even my own family whom I traveled with along this journey with.I got sick myself but quickly regained my health.It was very hard for me to take care of myself on the trail not to mention trying to keep my family alive as well.

The strugglesDuring this trip some struggles were definitely the weather.It was snowing 24/7.The snow caused the ground to be slippery in which many Seminole's injured themselves.Also the diseases that killed many of our people and some of the family that I traveled with.

My storyMy name is Aiyana.I am part of the Seminole tribe.We live in Georgia and Florida.The Seminole tribe's men's job is to hunt and to protect their families.The women farmed,took care of the children,and cooked.One of our rituals is the green corn dance.It's when we celebrate a couple weeks before the corn is ripe.We live in houses called chickees and wear breechclothes and moccasins.

The trail of tears

Here is some of my tribe and the home they live in.

The Indian removal actWhen I we first heard about the indian removal act we were devastated.We instantly thought to take this to court.We eventually won the case and the supreme court thought that we were right and had a right to stay where we were.We thought that we won this case But president Andrew jackson ignored the supreme court's ruling.Instead he ordered the US army capture us all.It really wasn't fair.We fought for this war that we never won.

The trail of tears

These are the houses that we live in called chickees


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