The Trail of Tears

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The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears

The events leading up to and the mass forced migration of the Cherokee tribe.

Time Line

The Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee prospered as long as they did due to their leaders. Their strongest leader was John Ross. Ross was principle chief of the Cherokee for 40 years. He worked hard to preserve the Cherokee land and culture.

President Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Relocation Act. This bill caused the Cherokee to submit to Georgia state law or move out west.

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The Cherokee took their case to the Supreme Court. Chief Justice John Marshall ruled in favor of the Cherokee stating they had their own government and were not under the jurisdiction of state law.

Despite Marshall's ruling, president Jackson continued to make efforts to push the Cherokee out of their land. Eventually some of the Cherokee sold their land and the tribe was forced to move.

The Cherokee developed their nation in the southeastern United States. They were a peaceful tribe that attempted to work with the US government to save their land and Culture.

Development of Leadership

The Indian Relocation Act

The Supreme Court Decision

The Trail Of Tears

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The Trail of Tears was the forced migration of 12,000 Cherokee west to new land in Oklahoma. 4,000 Cherokee dies on the journey due to starvation and cold conditions. This tragedy was remembemered for years by the Cherokee people.


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