The Tragic Greek Hero, Greek Mythology, And Then Some

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The Tragic Greek Hero, Greek Mythology, And Then Some

Playwrights such as Sophocles, Euripides, and Aeschylus have written numerous pieces and plays. Many of their works are included in our English curriculum today and some people even believe that these Greek dramas are responsible for “...shaping the theatre and culture community that we know so well.” People also are aware that our literary and performing arts community have the Greek to thank for how it is now but not many can say where those lovely dramas sprang up from. Just like how Nicki Minaj influences society today, Greek mythology influenced the Greek lifestyle; therefore, influencing the plays as well. Greek mythology is the basis of the dramas. Greek mythology itself is tales and stories that explain the things that can’t be explained, it also served as guidance for the Greeks on how to go through life. Usually the plays or dramas had an overall theme that most likely derived from mythology as well. A drama generally involves a “tragic Greek hero” who is related to a god or goddess in some type of way. The hero sometimes goes on an epic journey and throughout this journey, the hero is tested by the gods. Along the way the hero may encounter other mythological things such as the infamous Sirens, Centaur, Sphinx, Cyclopes, and the list goes on. Each of these things from mythology symbolize something in life, mythological creatures and factors helped determine the actions and choices of the “tragic Greek hero” and just like in the dramas, mythology influenced how the audience and everyone else went through their journey of life.

Tragic Greek Hero

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A classic tragic hero is a mortal or demigod who is of noble birth. This hero is viewed highly by others but ultimately is brought down by a fatal flaw. Tragic heroes are common throughout Ancient Greece literature, appearing in the work of numerous playwrights and authors. One of the most well-known tragic heroes is Oedipus. "What makes Oedipus the model tragic figure, as is known well enough, is the conversion from ignorance to knowledge." In this play, Oedipus makes a mistake that destroys him. However, he embraces the mistake he made and takes on his fate with honor. Bravery in the face of destruction is the mark of a true, tragic hero.

Greek dramas in Modern Society

Greek drama started from ancient Greek religious rituals honoring Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and fertility. The Greeks "identified speeches as one required by Athenian customs, a praise of the dead heroes and of Athens." A man named Thespis then transformed these hymns into songs that honored Dionysus but often told the story of a famous hero or other god as well. Aeschylus, a Greek playwright, added a second person to the monologues, allowing for the play to have emotion or feeling.


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The Tragic Greek Hero, Greek Mythology, and then some

Influence on Greek Dramas


Intro: Greek Tragedy

Are you a tragic Greek hero? 1. Are you... -of noble blood 2. Do you have a....-tragic flaw3. Have you ever...-made an irreversable mistakeIf you answered yes, you qualify! Oooh good luck! You'll need it...


Greek tragedies and comedies greatly influenced the way modern day film and cinmea is created today. From the ancient Greek tragedy of Oedipus Rex to a modern day film such as Batman. Batman is a modern day tragedy abouta man who is perfect in the public eye but has a dark side that hurts him and rhe people he loves. Oedipus Rex is a famous ancient Greek tragedy about a king who learns his wife is his mother and "attempts to kill his infant son." Both stories are very different and come from different times, but they are both tragedies. Ancient tragedies like Oedipus Rex influenced a lot of the dramas and film industry we have today.


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