The "Tragedy"R&J

by Encore
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The "Tragedy"R&J

The “tragedy” they call Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is guilty of the death of the two young lovers because he was a very immature, lovesick predator and murderer and in my opinion, a coward this man-child knew of the situation between the families and the “pain of death” threaten by the prince and trespassed on their property and vows his love for Juliet who is in courtship with the relative of the prince named Paris but being the lovesick predator that he is, he sought her out anyway(act1scene1-act2scene2).  Then the coward marries her in secret (act2scean3) then when he’s challenged to a fight for trespassing on the Capulets “ball” by Juliet’s cousin Tybalt he backs down so his cousin Mercutio steps in and Romeo holds him back getting him killed now Romeo wants to fight, killing Tybalt, murder 1, causing an even bigger problem for himself and “wife” because now he abandoned her leaving her to feel helpless and alone and desperate feeling like she has no way out but by playing dead.

" But soft light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun"

"sin from my lips; o trespass sweetly urged give me sin again"

The "Tragedy"



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