The tragedies of Europe

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The tragedies of Europe

Are the Russians Cheaters? By Jordan Weinberg

The Tragedies of Europe

On October 31st, 2015 a Russian commercial plane crashed in Egypt. It is believed that the crash was an act of terror and many think it to have been the result of the terrorist group ISIS. Russian experts received the first forensic analysis data potentially revealing traces of explosive substances on the wreckage, but more definitive conclusions will take longer. The plane was headed for the vacation city of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt with 224 passengers, the majority were from Europe all whom died aboard the flight. During the flight Israeli intelligence captured signals and passed them on to the US and to Britain as it was passing over the Sinai peninsula.

Will Russia lose the medals they won in track and field from the 2012 Olympics? At the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the Russians took home many track and field medals. But should the athletes have been banned? The WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) has opened a case on the Russian track and field athletes who are accused of taking drugs that helped them perform better. “Doping” is when athletes use illegal drugs that increase their performance. The Russian laboratory chief is accused of destroying thousands of doping samples! The Russian government is accused of having these illegal drugs. If they are found guilty then they could be banned from competing in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Will this happen? I find it highly unlikely. Will Russia escape this trauma or will they be banned?

Child Refugees Cheer Up Each day, many syrian refugees under 18 make their way to safety in Europe. This would be considered a terrifying experience to any child, but these children make their move without an adult in sight. “Days of laughter, nights of terror.” During daytime the children chatter in their many different languages, but at night they shake and wet their beds in terror. They have nightmare of their past experiences and memories of their old country, and the terrible wars. The memories these children have are not the only terrifying things that occur during their journey. There is also looming danger, pain and fear. These poor children have experienced so many terrifying times, from their rafts flipping over in the middle of their journey at sea to being super close to an attack. They have also been robbed multiple times. These children, being unaccompanied minors have a target on their backs and the fear of death and disappointing/ never be able to see their families again. I can't imagine having to go through this terrible experience, without living in constant fear. But as the kids move farther and farther towards safety, they are closer to reuniting with their parents. If the children are successful, they are making their parent proud by setting up a home and getting a job so the whole family can settle in and make a living together. The children are sent alone because that is all the family can afford. One child in the “pack” of children this article was written about has a phone, which his parents probably spent their life's earnings on. The children try to text or call their parents daily to give them information on where they are, and to let them know they were still alive.

On September 30th 2015, there was a meeting of world leaders of the United Nations. The meeting was about methods of stemming the spread of violent extremism in the middle east. ISIS is who they are trying to stop, and if you didn’t know who, or what ISIS it is Islamic State. Recently this year, ISIS fighters have successfully targeted several areas in Syria, and all of them have weak governments which makes it easiest to control them. They have 60 different countries fighting against them and currently have control over 2 cities in Iraqi, Kurdish, its capital city, and Irbil. The kurds are complicating the population of Kurdish. They are an ethnic group that live in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria. The Iraq governments have been fighting with the Kurdish for months, and had to put a halt to an advance on Iraq, Kurdish.

The Deadly Plane Crash! By Dylan Ross

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Isis attacks in Europe!By Emma Duffy

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