The Toy Maker

by LouellaYear2
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The Toy Maker

My Puppet Show

- By Louella Sant

1.What is the pupose of this toy?The purpose of this toy is to entertain younger children my age, by telling a story using puppets in a puppet theatre.2.Where would you use this toy?You would use this toy outside so that people could crowd around to take a look.3. How will you use the toy?I will place my finger into the finger pupets and place my whole hand at the back of the box, where it can't be seen.4. Give three reasons why you created thos toy..I have lots of puppets that I don't really use..It's easy to make..I want to use my puppets for something.4. Select a toy and explain why you have chosen it?I have chosen a puppet show because it is fun nd entertaining to play with.5. How much does it cost?It costs $15. 6. What equipment will you need to create your model?.Any sort of puppets.Two boxes (one bigger than the other).A black pen.Different colours of paint7. How will you begin? Write a procedureFirstly, when you have all your materials ready, leave the smaller box as it is, and open the larger box out, but do not cut anything.Secondly, begin to cut the two big, identical rectangles out from the larger box. These will be the doors (curtains) of the stage.After the doors have been cut out, fold the smaller sides of both rectangles, so they are about 2cm-3cm thick.Next, stick the folded parts of the box, half way on to the edge of the smaller box so that the two unfolded rectangles can be opened and closed.Finally, use a black pen to draw some patterns, and paint it

' The toy making day! '

[The drawing of my pupet show]



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