the top two sports

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the top two sports

The Top Two sports

is entertaining.

When it comes to basketball and hockey you know that it


hockey.They have some similarities too.

about how they play,whats the rules and what they wear

If you want to learn more read on and you will learn

There are many different things about basketball and

In basketball their are lots of rules there are dubble dribbles,out of bounce and travles.Dubble dribble is a commom rule.This is when you dribble and pick up the ball and dribble again.


How to play

Kevin Durent geting crossed overbadly.

You dribble up the floor and try to score.When you score in the paint it's is2 pts and when you go back to the three point line it's 3 pts.Defence is when you try to stop the ball from going in the basket.


In Basketball you don't need much equipment you just need a Basketball jursey and some shorts.Oh you need sneakers too.

How to play

Hockey is a really cool sport.You just need to skate up the ice and try to score a goal on the goalie.Also there is two defenders,a centerman,a left wing and right wing.

Now that you know about these two sports you should play them.


Great Save save!!!


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