The Tinglit

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The Tinglit

The clothes that the Tlingit wore were made from buckskin, moose hides, beaver pelts, cedar bark, spruce root, goat wool, dog hair, caribou skin,hare pelts, deer skin, mountain goat hairs and they would trade some items that would be used to make clothing.

What were the Tlingits clothes made of?

The Tlingit belived in the supernatural, sea monsters and also spirits. They also belive some fairytales and lengeds like " Man and Monster ", "Raven Brings Light To The World ", " The Origin of Mosquitoes and "Coyote of the SouthWest ".

What were some beliefs and myths of the Tlingit?

The Tlingit ate fish, buffalo, cows, sheeps, deers, hare, turkeys and ducks just like most other tribes but only some tribe would eat dogs and the Tlingit was one of them.

What type of food did the Tlingit eat?

When the Europeans came to Canada the Russains became aggresive and the Tlingit chief sent warriors against the Russains. The Russains later captured the Tlingit chief and killed him. The Europeans brang diseases and between 1836 and 1840 almost half the Tlingit people

What were some negative things that happened between the Europeans and the Tlingit?

The women were the dominant family members. They taught the children, were in charge of child care, food gathering and house keeping. The women were usually the leaders of the clans.

What were the roles of women in the tribe?

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The Tlingit



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