The timeline of Aeroplanes

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The timeline of Aeroplanes

1903Wright B. Flyer1 Jan

1917The Junker J41 Jan

1947The Bell X-114 Oct

1969The Concord1 Jan

1933The Boeing 2421 Jan

2005The Airbus a38025 Oct

The Wright Brothers commenced a flight with an object heavier then air.

The Boeing was the first model airliner that could fly with 10 passengers in comfort. The Boeing was a twin engine and completely made out of metal.

The Airbus a380 is a type of plane that is double-deck, four-engine (Turbofan) jet airliner. the range it can fly without re-fueling is 15,700 km.

Hugo Junkers built the first plane out of metal. The metal he used was a light weight aluminium alloy called duralumin.

The Concord was the first supersonic airline that had the engine that can double the speed of sound.

The Bell X-1 is known because this plane broke the sound barrier by Captain "Chunk" Yagger.

The timeline of Aeroplanes.

This new invention helped the world progress by putting new ideas into people's heads. Saying that it is posible to fly.

The idea of flying was inspired Mr Junkers to make a more efficient flight. This is because it was made out of metal.

This is an improvement because the Boeing could carry 10 passengers in comfort so more people would want to pay for a flight.

Breaking the sound barrier was an improvement because people could travel from Singapore to the U.S.A faster.

This first super-sonic airliner did not last long in this world but if people made this plane safer, then it could be reintroduced to the world so people could travel twice as fast.

This modern day aeroplane has made a impact in the world because this plane can carry twice as many people so more people can travel at once.

The impact this plane makes is that it is solar-powered and uses less fuel.

This super-sonic aeroplane is an eco-friendly way to fly. It can carry 100 passengers in comfort.

3000Supersonic airline29 Mar

What Price is Progress?The progress of the plane is very intruiging because it went from wood to metal to carrying passengers to being super-sonic. The down side of aircraft is that there is more pollution and it is very noisy when are planes passing by overhead.


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