The Time Machine

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The Time Machine

The Time MachineBy H.G Wells

A young scientist to his disbelief has created a time machine. He goes to the future and sees new mankind. But, when he returns, he doesn't just have a story but proof that he has gone to the future.

The Time Traveler Weena Filby

Why you should read this book

The Future



In the story the Time Traveler meets these little people. The little people are scared of the night and the Time Traveler does not know why. They hide and are inside their homes. So, one night he is curious and stays outdoors at night. But, he falls inside a well and finds himself with these white creatures or monsters. They try to hurt him but he escapes on time and is found by the little people who help him. He decides to go to three hundred years from his home. They have also made time machines. A man tries to take the Time Travelers time machine but he never does and then the Time Traveler returns home.



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