The Time Fetch

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The Time Fetch


I would give this this book a 4.8 out of five because the following reasons:a) It keeps you interested, you don't know what will happen next.b) I did not like how the plot changed towards the end of the story.


Feenix: Well known but is a mean and witty girl. She has always tried for Edward to stop being lazy.She also thinks its her misson to make the school fun.Brigit:She is a shy girl who doesn't speak at all and also has a secret. That secret puts the foragers back into the fetch.

Main CharactersEdward: A boy who doesn't exercise and is lazy. He is the one who finds the time fetch.He is the kind of boy who doesn't want to be noticed and sleeps in class.Danton: Athletic, energetic and positive. He is the team leader and pushes through the problems they encounter.He is an upbeat person always spreading happiness.

Book Report by Diego Olvera

Edward had forgotten a stone for his science project so he picked up a rock that he found in his aunt's backyard. What he didn't know was that it was a Time Fetch and that inside were foragers that were awoken when Edward picked up the fetch. Foragers are small creatures that eat time that no one will miss. The problem was that the foragers got out of control and started eating a lot of time. Edward had to work with Feenix, Danton, and Brigit since all of them had touched the fetch and together would stop the foragers.


The Aunt's House

The School

The Hill

The Park

This is where Edward lives and where the kids would meet and this is where it tells you information when the aunt talks about things related to the fetch.

This is where the kids adventure to stop the foragers really begins and the challenges start.

Where the kids meet and start to notice that the foragers are starting to cause damage.

Where they stop the foragers and Brigit reveals her secret that stops the foragers.


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