The Timber Wolf

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The Timber Wolf

The Timber wolf eats a lot of things like birds, mooses, polar Bears, fish and they eat in group.The Timber wolf lives in the coldest place in the world that is the artic, a cold place and a lot of snow.

The Timber Wolf

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The Timber wolf is endangered because the people think it is going to kill their sheeps and they kill them.They are helping it by adopting it, hiding them, and establishing fines.

The Timber wolf is a mammal, that means that it gives milk to their babies and it gets pregnant.The family of the timber wolf are the wolves and that is why it is a wolf, like artic wolf and gray wolf.

1. Did you know that the Timber wolf is the grandpa of the dogs.2. Their gestation period is 9 months.3. They hunt in group with an alfa male.4. It's cousin is the artic wolf.5. Did you know that it is also call grey wolf


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