The Tigris River and Euphrates River

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The Tigris River and Euphrates River

The Tigris River and The Euphrates River

The Persian Gulf is used to ship oil out of the Middle East. It is also shared by the countries aroundit.

The Tigiris River is found in Turkeyall the way down through iraq. The The euphrates river also goes down through Turkey,Syria, and Iraq.

The Jordan River is the Border between Jordan(the country) and Israel.It is also known to have alot of polution.

The Rub' al Khali is a vastdesert that takes up onequarter of Saudi Arabia.

This is an oil field in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has oneof the largest oil resverses in the world.

This is a desalination plant which make fresh water from salt water. These are very expencive to build.

Bedouins in the Rub al-Khalimake a living by trading animals and handmade goods. Their lifestyleis slowly disappearing.

The Dead Sea ha the highest salt concentration in the world. Most of the water in the dead sea comes from the Jordan river.

Dead Sea

Jordan River

Rub' al Khali

Oil Field

Desalination plant


The Suez canal was made to allow the red sea, Mediterranean sea, and arabia sea to connect.

suez canal

work sited Dead sea: The rest of the info is from Mrs Cosgrove


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