the tiger rising alexis

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the tiger rising alexis

Tiger RisingBy:Kate DiCamillo

Characters: Rob,Sistine,Robert,and Willie May

Setting: Lister,FloridaThe Kentucky Star Hotel

Solution: Rob and Sistine set the tiger free,and Rob's dad shot the tiger so it wouldn't hurt anyone.When Rob saw the tiger dead and he opened his suitcase and yelled and hit his dad, let all his feelings out.

Summary: In this book there are eight characters named: Rob,Sistine,Willie May,Tiger,Robert,Beauchamp,Norton and Billy Threemonger.They are all part of a huge adventure in Lister,Florida. Rob lives in the Kentucky Star Hotel and later in the day he wondered the woods and found a caged tiger.In the middle of the story he met Sistine and he showed her the tiger.At the end they argued about letting the tiger go so Sistine walked in the road and Rob ran towards her than finally he let the tiger go.Then, Robs dad shot the tiger so it wouldn't hurt anyone.

Recomemded : You shoud read this book because it is really interesting and kind of romantic at the end.

Problem:Was that Rob didn't want to let the tiger go but, Sistine did.


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