The Throne of Glass

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The Throne of Glass

The Throne of GlassBy Sarah J. Maas

Main Characters-Celaena Sardothien, former prisoner and assasin-Chaol Westfall, Captain of The Royal Guard and Celeana's guard-Dorian Havilliard, Crown Prince of Adarlan-Nehemia Ytger, Princess of Ellywe

Setting The Throne of Glass takes place in Rifthold, the capital city of Adarlan. Most of the events take place in or around the royal palace. The very beginning is in Endovier, the prison Celaena was in.

Celaena Sardothien, an imfamous assassin, spent a year in the toughest prison in Erilea. Then, in a bizarre twist of fate, she is thrown into unrefusable deal proposed by Prince Dorian Havilliard. If Celaena can defeat twenty-three other outlaws, she will serve the power hungry King of Adarlan as a champion. Then, she will be free. Captain Chaol Westfall is assigned to be her guard. As Celaena arrives at Rifthold, she notices strange markings, which she later discovers are Wyrdmarks, an ancient form of magic. Celaena befriends Princess Nehemia, from Ellywe, Adarlan's rival country. After the competion begins, someone, or something, begins to murder the competitors, and there are Wyrdmarks at the scene. The mystery thickens as Celaena is visited by the dead princess of Terrasen, Elena. Elena informs Celaena of a powerful and evil force in the palace; one that she must destroy by winning the competition. Just before the competition comes to a close, Celaena barely escapes when she comes across Cain, one of the most dangerous competitors, and the monster behind the killings. During the final challenge, she faces Cain, and Wyrdmarks are used to save Celaena's life as she narrowly defeats him, securing her place as King's Champion.


My Opinion I absolutely loved this book! It's a new kind of fantasy and it has dynamic characters and an intricate plot!

Climax The climax of the story is the final challenge in the competition between Cain and Celaena. She barely defeats Cain with help from Elena, and is crowned the Champion.

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